Wrong Size Spindle Wrench

I am finishing up assembly and noticed that the smaller spindle wrench, to hold the two flats on the spindle, is too small. The flats are 13.9mm apart, but the wrench is only 13.2mm wide. The other wrench fits the spindle nut just find.

I’ve e-mailed help@, but I’m just curious if anyone else has run into this problem. It’s nothing I can’t replace with one of my crescent wrenches, but it’s an odd mistake to make.

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This happened to me too! I thought it was a bit odd… no big deal though, everything else was basically perfect.

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Ran into the same issue, didn’t care for it but didn’t make a big deal of it either. just went to the toolbox and pulled out a cheap throw away 14 mm wrench.

I think one of the vendors made a spec change on the spindle adapter that slipped through under the radar.

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My replacement spindle was like this. They sent me a new wrench after I found the problem.

I had the same issue but let it go. I have plenty of tools here. I’ll pick up a spare wrench one day to keep as a dedicated wrench for my machine.

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I was cheap took a file and made it wider… works perfect now…

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Same here, the collet wrench fit but not the spindle, but I’ve got plenty of wrenches.

same here for my replacement. Just used the 14mm side for the flats on the spindle and the old wrench 14mm from my original spindle. Not a big deal, thought it was strange glad to see others had same issue so I know it wasnt me.

Neither one of the wrenches I received fit. They sent me a new spindle wrench and I already had a collet wrench so no big deal for me.

Same here…

I have the same problem as well. It’s funny, I got the two little cast looking spindle wrenches that say inventables on the side (one works for the crown of the spindle, the other doesn’t fit the notch), and TWO 13 MM Chrome combination wrenches that came with the tool kit (neither of them fit anywhere on the machine).