Wrong threads in the Z-Axis nut?

Hmm, ran into an interesting problem. Got to assembling my Z-axis this afternoon, and pulled out my “ACME Delrin Nut.” Unfortunately, bag label aside, it’s got M8 threads in it! Heeeelp!

Send an email to help@, or, give them a call.

Did so just a minute ago, Tony! :smile: They’ll get it taken care of, no doubt. Just annoying, since I was hoping to have it done this weekend! Argh! Facedesk

I had the same issue. Had the new part the very next day.

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Probably just a couple of the wrong ones got spilled into a box or something. No response yet, but I wouldn’t expect one until Monday anyway. :smile: I’m getting as much of the rest done as I can without it.

I guess there was a day when someone was putting the wrong ones into the correct packages. Just a heads up, calling fixed my problem immediately. Email was slow, so I called. Very good support. Glad i purchased from them.

I have one extra delrin nut for Acme but I don’t know if you’re anywhere close to Atlanta, GA.

Thanks for the tip, @Sisco! I’ll give them a call monday afternoon, if they haven’t answered my email by then.

And I really appreciate the offer, @AlanDavis, I’m all the way out in Washington, though. Thanks a bunch for the offer, though, man! :smile:

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UPS is saying they’ll have the new nut here today! The rest of the assembly is complete, and I was able to test the unit last night with a dry run (sans z-axis and spindle, of course, but with the z-motor attached). So far, so good! Only major change I’ve had to make so far was to take a dremel tool to the electronics housing and open up the large square opening by about an eighth of an inch in depth to permit the G-shield to seat properly into the Arduino.

are you sure you put your Arduino and G-Shield the correct way. Because I didn’t hear anyone to do any modification to insert properly. That is very well aligned. Only what I did is, put two small rubber pieces on top of G-Shield to push it down when close Fan cover. Vibration is moving that board up, now it is solidly in place.

I’m pretty sure, the USB port more or less mandates the alignment of the Arduino, and the G-shield only fits one direction with respect to the stepper wires and the three openings for them. In my particular enclosure, the Arduino sat too close to the large-hole wall for the pins on the G-shield to line up correctly, and the soldered-on headers didn’t fit at all. I’m fairly sure it’s a placement of the mounting posts issue, since the USB port is also well off of center with respect to the hole it fits through. I added an eighth inch to the hole in depth to clear the G-shield and the soldered-on header pins, and all is well.

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Good enough, as long as you don’t miss any pin goes to Arduino it seems good modification.

Something else I think I’d do if I were doing it again would be to add an inspection port to the side of the housing, just so it would be easier to make sure all your pins were indexed properly into the arduino and you hadn’t missed one left or right of the header.

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Looks like the new Z-Nut will be here today! Inventables shipped it right away on Monday via Next-day air, but UPS apparently decided that “next day air” meant “let it sit in Seattle for a full day, then change the delivery date.”

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make my first test cuts here shortly!

Just found out I have the same problem.

@AlanDavis, do you still have that extra? I’m in Atlanta. If not I’ll contact help.


Yep, still have it. I can send address from private.