WTB: DC Spindle motor

Just picked up a 1000mm x-carve with no spindle. Looking for that basic one that can be wired to the controller and is quieter than the dewalt or makita

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Loads on amazon that’ll work. Youd need the makita mount or a sleeve and make sure the spindle is a 65mm diameter as thats the same size as the makita.

The water cooled are quieter than air cooled as well…

I use a 5 gallon bucket and a small intercooler and fan desgned for water cooled PCs to keep my water nice and cool during the summer months…

Thanks but I dont want anything water cooled. Just need a drop in and go. Mainly looking for the original 300W Quiet Cut that they used to come with and the mount

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Here’s the mount for the 52mm spindle

But I don’t see inventables selling the spindle still, but they are on Amazon

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