WTB: J Tech Laser or Similar

Hi, Does anyone have a laser set up for sale? I’m looking to try out some laser engraving.
To be used on a 1000mm X-Carve with X-Controller.

Perfect timing, I just came out to post my Jtech 3.8W laser for sale. I bought the laser last year and have only used it approximately 5 or 6 times.

There’s no issue with the laser at all. In fact, it’s spent most of it’s life in my shop in the static bag in a drawer.

I already have a K40 (40w C02) laser and just upgraded to a 100w laser, so I’m not interested in using the 3.8w with the XCarve anymore.

I also have a 12x12 sheet of the laser shielding.

I paid ~$475 for the laser combo, willing to sell it for $300 plus shipping.

Im guessing it has all of the attachments to go to the spindle mount?

I do not have the Jtech spindle mounts seen on their website, instead I printed the mount from @PhilJohnson


got you, will that be included? shipping would be to 07849