WTB - X-Carve, Ontario Canada

I am looking for a 1000mm X-Carve to purchase. I am in Ontario Canada and prefer to pickup the machine from Ontario. I don’t mind driving to neighboring Provinces for this but I need assurances that the machine is perfectly functional before committing.

I’m in the same boat. The Inventeable people charge way to much for shipping to the great white north.

I am contemplating having an X-Carve shipped to the border for 50$ as opposed to the $400 to ship to my house.

I doubt Inventables is is making any money off shipping. International shipping from the US is unbelievably expensive with any carrier.

I’m just outside of Ottawa and was well worth the drive to the border to pick it up. Shipping to Ogdensburg was like $75 US… versus the $300+ quoted.

Everyone has their price point however…

It is the carriers that charge Inventables. International shipping has become outrageous.

Did you ever end up getting a machine?

It seems like the shipping has been reduced and I may have a machine shipped to my house.

I like the new improvements to the X-Carve and if have their usual “Black Friday Deal”: I may finally pull the trigger.

I am in process of scratch building a test unit.

I was considering doing something similar. I was thinking about just getting the 1000mm slide from Inventables for a few hundred then sourcing the rest of the parts from China, but I just don’t know enough to get the correct parts, and then get software to run it.

If someone had a BOM list and a YouTube video explaining a build, I would go that way.

Take a close look at some of current DIY CNC systems before committing to any specific structure. I love X-Carve and I truly appreciate what they’ve done for the community. That said, the DIY community is moving on and the X-Carve is not going along. Five years ago I suggested an X-Carve Lite version for casual CNC works. Some members showed interest but the idea quickly fizzled off.
Nowadays, depending on your skills, time on hand and willingness you can put together a spec specific CNC machine
by combining 3D printed parts, sourced hardware and open source software.
BTW, if you are in Canada you may consider sourcing that 1000mm V-Slot Linear Rail from [ MakerParts ] ( https://makerparts.ca/collections/all-products ).
Also, checkout the " mostly printed CNC ". The community has done some very interesting mods around it. There is even a webstore that sells kits ( https://shop.vicious1.com/ )

I had it down to $1054US with free shipping to the border, but I suppose you have to add the gas and duty on top of it. (I already have the router).

Its definitely worth it to not have to wait on parts from China. It took 4 months to build my 3d printer, after having to wait 3 months for the nuts. That was nuts.

Hello, I have a fully loaded 1000mm x 1000mm with a suckit dust boot + vacuum system available (need to sell as I am moving from a house to a condo) and located in Ontario.

Hi Paul, is the machine stil available? Please email me at bob_jane_darling@yahoo.ca