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WTF am I doing wrong?

As you can see I’m not consistent in my rectangle, top and sides measurements are off. What can I do to fix this?

Can you share the file so we can take a look at it?

the easy fix is to use the dead center of the board as the 0,0 and move the project to 0,0 in easel.

The right fix is to calibrate the cnc actual movement for each axis and adjust $100, $101, and $102 accordingly… and precisely measure your stock…
Even after doing the calibration I would still recommend the center point 0,0, which would cause any errors in measuring to be split equally top and bottom… and left and right sides…

I have mine dialed in BUT 99% of the time I do a profile cut and let the X carve cut it out. This way its always correct.

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I had some issues that were very similar. Tightened up the belts and fixed the problem.