X² advice?

I got the upgrade to the new X-Controller but have yet to run the extra wire to control the 2nd Y motor. Is this important? I just tried to bevel the outer edge of a piece of oak. Doing so requires that the X axis be perfectly square with the Y. Well mine is not. Easy enough to fix by jinking (not jogging) the right Y stepper motor slightly with my palm to line it up with the left motor. So the question remains, does the extra wiring help in any way? Is there a better process to align/square the X and Y rails? Just wondering, I just need to be careful doing this type of carve right now and ensure the rails are in line.


The extra wire (actually using a separate motor driver for each side) will double the current available to each of the Y motors.

I realize that. But what does that give me as far as squaring the X axis with the Y?

None since square is a function of how the machine is assembled.
How the motors are being “singalled” matter not

Squaring X/Y mean measure and adjust the X/Y assembly until satisfied.

The drivers are linked together so you don’t get independent Y1 and Y2 control. If you step Y, both drivers will step the motors.

If your off on the Y on one side, then the only way to fix it is manually adjust it to match the other side.

Thanks guys. Justin I pretty much figured this. I guess I was hoping for some inventive way to ensure perfect X to Y square. Since the new controller can control each Y motor separately, there may be room to do some minor tweaking with software and probe to get these aligned. I’ll have to revisit this when my programming honeydo list reduces some.

The Xcontroller cannot support each Y motor separately. GRBL only supports three axis so the fourth driver in the Xcontroller is just slaved to the other Y driver. Using GRBL you have no control over the Y axis motors individually.


Before you power on your machine, ALWAYS manually “Square” the machine.
Pull the X axis rail as close to front rail supports, and then push them back a known distance using spacer blocks.
Then power on your machine, and home it.
This will help ensure that the machine is square.

Reminder, also as previously stated above,
The hardware CANNOT control the Y motors separately. It can only drive them.

Each time you power it on?

I do just to ensure it’s square.
Just a quick habit to get into.
Your mileage my vary

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Good to know. Thanks!