X and Y axis are off even after setting

My X and Y axis are off even after setting them to zero. Can I adjust my zero stops to accommodate this. I don’t believe I’ve ever done this on initial set up

Off of what? Is the work zero not where you set it?
You might need to explain the problem a bit more.

That is correct. When I home my machine set x and y to zero and lower my z axis I am five mm off on both x and y. The machine can not come to zero on my work piece because my bump stops on the carriage grams keep it from moving any further. Do I have them set to far back

Work zero can be anywhere within the physical reach of your machine.
The X/Y grid print on the spoil board have no impact / dont matter as the machine do not know, or care, where it is.

Homing sole purpose is to set machine zero and thus enabling aligning machine space with model space, not to hit XY0 grid point on the board.

My workflow is as follows:

  • Power machine ON, perform homing
  • Jog to intended work zero position, confirm this as my home position
  • Carve

If for some reason the carve is aborted, I do a new homing and tell Easel I want to use previous home pos. Work zero (Home pos.) is stored as an offset relative to machine zero.

Simply carve a L-shaped bump stop at your machine “zero” (*) if you want a quick work zero reference for later. This will hold true as long as the switches dont get moved/bumped or otherwise altered.

(* - I used “zero” as machine zero after homing isnt the true 000 position, its slightly pulled off and usually -1,-1,-1)

So I can move my bump stops. I set them at the suggested locations while building my machine. If I leave them there I am loosing over five mm of my work surface on both axis. My thinking is if I move them I will still have a safety zone on my carriage but get my work surface back. Just want to make sure my thinking is safe