X and Y axis drift RESOLVED!

Please help this problem is new for me. i only get to use my machine on the weekends due to work. so last week it was working great. i keep it in a tool shed out side.I just installed a new ACME rod that inventables sent to me due to the last one being bent, decided to do a test square to check performance. square should be 2 inch x 2 inch and .250 deep using a 1/8 inch bit you can see the drift in the picture.

i did give all 3 axis a very small boost. this was about 3 weeks ago and have not seen any problems till now.

here are some pictures of me measuring the square

all comictions are tight belts are tight maybe to tight? all wires are good v wheels are good smooth idlers are good im pretty sure i checked to make sure everything is good.

i had this problem in the Z axis before and was fixed my tightening the belt for the Z
here is before i fixed the z

this is a project i did for my sons room after i fixed the z drift

any ideas to fix the drift in the x and y would be great and if its something else please help also thanks

Did you check your pulley setscrews?

do you mean the set screw? for the drive pulleys on the stepper motors? if so yes and they have lock tight

Check your grbl parameters and make sure that $1=255

You may need to increase your stepper motor current limit on X and Y.

So far, it seems that all drift is a result of…

  • Loose belts (they do not need to be extremely tight, just take the slack out)
  • Loose pulley set screws
  • V-wheels too tight
  • Current pots not set correctly (too high or low)
  • Noise from stock spindle dying

problem resolved! stock spidle was dying causing to much amp draw to keep it spinning causing the noise that gets sent through RFI to the steppers thanks guys!!