X and y axis is off

So, had an issue with the Z homing switch. Tried a few things which required me to change $27 code. In the end it was the screw that stop the z axis from moving too far had dropped down a bit. Fixed the issue, machine homed perfected. Made my first cut and noticed it was not centered correctly. Ran through machine setup again, and on the second carve, same issue. Is there a way to reset everything? It seems I made have made some changes somewhere when messing with the machine code section.

Homing with switches tells the machine where the router is. If your machine isn’t located where you want it at that point, you may want to adjust the $27 again. Otherwise the $100, $101 are adjusted to fine tune the accuracy of steps per mm moved. Here is an explanation of the commands you can change. I always home and reset my x,y, and z to zero manually after homing.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (diymachining.com)

I keep a hard copy of this by my machine as I find it useful.

Configuring Grbl v0.9 · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub