X and Y Axis not homing?

Working on setting up a newly built machine with the X controller, just finished setting up soft limits and everything seemed fine. I wanted to do the easel test cut and went through the machine setup to get to it. When I got to the point where you move the axis to confirm direction nothing would move…

I backed out and went to Carve to try and move them manually and only Z would work.

I turned off soft limits, and now it seems like I can jog all axis but I can not home? It will home Z and then when it gets to XY it gives me an error and says to make sure the axis aren’t blocked.

i’m afraid its possible that when I was in the machine setup I picked arduino instead of X controller since I had arduino on the last machine.


A little more info… I’m finding out that when you run the machine setup it’ll default settings. Well I had the XYZ calibrated (cnc4newbies z slide and 9mm belts) and had the soft limits setup.

Well it saved the XY calibration settings from a couple days ago, and it saved the Z soft limit I set today, but it defaulted Z calibration and XY soft limits?

Change GRBL parameter $27=5 and retry.
This parameter set the distance the axis in motion pulls off before it touch the switch for the 2nd time. If the pull-off after 1st is insufficient to release the with it will enter an alarm state.

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