X and Y Going out of Sync

My system was working great. I did a few carvings and made a MDF cabinet door all with no problems. Then suddenly things started to go south…
First, still cutting MDF, it started losing it’s X Y sync while doing lite projects causing both the X and the Y cuts to be out of sync.
Then my spindle died, thank you to the Inventables team for sending a new one but in the meantime I am not carving. So I brought out the DragKnife I purchased and started to cut some vinyl stickers. The first cut, close to 0,0, worked no problem at all. As soon as it went farther out in the X axis it starts to lose it. Cutting text became way out with the X line moving further and further towards the back of the machine.
Looking further into it looks as though the wasteboard is a few thousands higher where the problem is occurring. Wouldn’t the dragknife cut through the MDF wasteboard like butter long before it knocked the X Y out of sync?
I have checked all the electrical connections, the belts seem fine, if anything they are too tight. If there is no load on the knife / spindle it works fine, it is just when it has to work that it loses.
I would appreciate any ideas.

Did you adjust the current on the gshield?

No I didn’t Zach, should I?

Check out this thread:


Perfect, thanks a ton for the support!