X and Y motors not working

This is practically a brand new build. Old ShapeOko2 rebuilt from stock, first with ShapeOko2->X-carve, then newest x-carve (x extrusion, x-controller). All wiring is brand new, and properly terminated. Continuity from motor wires to terminal block on x-controller. Spindle is 400w aircooled, running off of separate 48v PSU (controlled via PWM/mach3 controller board).

I just finished the rebuild this past weekend. Everything was working great - gantry trammed/trued, belts properly tensioned, eccentric spacers & vwheels adjusted. Ran the Easel ‘hello world’ first job this morning, with zero problems. Came in tonight to carve some hold downs, and noticed that x and y jog controls weren’t responding.

To troubleshoot, I powered off spindle PSU, and pulled endstop/probe plug block. Re-ran machine setup multiple times. Had same results using UGS.

I’m fairly certain it’s not wiring or motors. Verified on the X - plugged terminal block into Z port on X-controller, and it moved fine (albeit with wrong steps).

Maybe voltage pots on stepper drivers? I’m running the old stock ShapeOko2 NEMA 17’s.

Check your Estop? Those can be a bit sticky when first using it.

Not estop - z jogs just fine.

Adjusted the voltage pots, and still no dice. Confirmed both X motor and both Y motors are working by plugging into the Z port and jogging (which also verifies wiring is fine).

Reflashed 1.0 firmware on board, same results. Getting a replacement controller board shipped to me some time next week - will post update after.

Sorry for delay in updating this. Inventables support was great - after some basic troubleshooting, they agreed to send me a replacement board. That fixed the problem - X and Y drivers were bad.

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