X and y zeroing

Hi is there a way to zero from a different corner on piece of wood. Right now easel pro is set up to zero at left bottom corner. Or even center of work piece. Thanks

You can’t move your “home”, but you can move your work relative to home in Easel. Easel will send the spindle into negative territory (left of the vertical axis, and forward of the horizontal axis). So select all of the elements of your design and drag them to the left, or down, or both, and you will have effectively changed the home position relative to the work.

I move the x,y point all the time. I have numerous videos showing how. You can put it anywhere you want as long as you move the project in easel to the same home position. Here is one to begin with

Like the guys said you can set you material zero anywhere.
However Easel will only show your design in the negative space.
The carve preview will will not show in the negative space.