X Axis Alignment Issue

If it’s been covered, I’m not finding it. I’m assembling my 1000mm x-carve. The base is 100% square in every way I can measure it. The Y rails are parallel to each other and initially seem to be square to the base. Carriage rolls beautifully, but when I pull it to the front of the machine, the left v wheels can touch the end plate with the right v wheels about 1/4" behind. Pushing the carriage back, the right v wheels touch with the left ones a 1/4" behind. Additionally, the carriage can be wiggled front to back a bit - in other words, without much effort, I can pull that 1/4" out with very little effort.

What am I missing here? Something has to be off, but I’m not sure what. As far as I can tell, the wide makerslide is cut square at both ends, and the plates show as flat. Is that bit of slop taken up once the belts are on and tight?

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Is it all belted up or just moving freely? If it’s belted, check your tensions on each side. They should match.

Not belted yet

that’s normal. X axıs can’t be perfectly square. Best solution for that is to use two pieces same lenght for bump stop x axis to front, hold it then turn the power switch on. Y steppers locks in perfect position until you turn machine off. Most of us doing this to make sure X axis paralel.

Well the problem is I’m not at that point yet. Just had the gantry on the rails as that part of the assembly steps. No belting or electronics yet. It does pay however, to triple check the next day with better light, and fresh eyes. One side of my wide maker slide is not square in one plane. The other side is perfect in all planes. So the question now is what do I do about it? Without measuring, I’d guess 1 -2 thousandths off.

So how do I best deal with this? From the front of the machine, the front of the extrusion is good, the back of the extrusion is off on that one side… That would induce some of the error in the OP, but certainly not 1/4" over 1000mm. Any thoughts?

I had this problem with the original 2 piece x axis (which was not square on one end) and shimmed it with some thin plastic to sort it.

I’ve now replaced it with openbuilds 40x40 which was square on both ends

Just wondering what you finally elected to do as I have a virtually identical problem with a new 750mm X-Carve. I’m at the same stage of assembly as I wait for the remaining components, so I thought I would do some alignment and calibration.
I have not installed the belts.

Mine is like this luckily my right side hits first so when I Home the machine it all pulls in straight and holds it