X Axis always moves in same direction

I finished my build the other night and successfully ran a test cut. Eager and excited I went out the next evening to try a real design; however when I connected to Easel it prompted me to set up my machine (same as it had the night before). In doing so, I found that the X axis would only jog to the left, even when clicking to go right it would go left.

Any idea why the motor would only spin in one direction with no physical changes? The wiring appears to be snug, the metal shielding doesn’t seem to be causing any crossed connections/interference. I shut down the power supply, reseated the G shield, and powered up again to the same results.

Have a look at this post. It suggests swapping the drivers to test if it’s a problem with the driver for the axis in question.

Thanks BillBucket - the issue seems to have magically resolved itself by simply using a different USB port on my system. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, but will keep these steps in mind