X-axis and Y-axis are moving too fast

Hi all
I am a beginner to CNC X-Carve, so as a beginner I use Easel as my carving software and I follow all the instruction on Inventables YouTube channel the following videos: Carving Bits 101 and Carving Bits 201, and I set the cut setting the feed rate and the depth per pass as the instruction, so in my first carving test I face several problems as the following:-

  1. X-axis and Y-axis are moving too fast so it is causing to break the Bits.
  2. When the router is moving from zero position to the carving position, it is cutting along the way through in the material to the carving position
  3. When the router is cutting, there is a burning smell.

1 & 3:
For most work RPM setting #1 for the Dewalt is sufficient, are you on setting #6?

Please share your Easel file so we can take a look at your cutting parameters.
Click Share->Publicly->Copy URL and click Save.
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Have you set up a probe?

yes the router set up # 1
this is the link http://easel.inventables.com/projects/W9g9wwympZi1egz8P18Cww
yes I set up the z-probe

Design isnt shared publicly so it is not available to us.

What is your set probe height set to, offset?
Bit diameter?
Bit type, details?

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the problem from the probe setting, I set the correct value and now x-cave is working well
thank you