X axis and Y axis stepper motor made a strange nois


A little while ago, I noticed on my СNC that the X axis and Y axis stepper motor made a strange noise. I can’t understand why this is happening.

It only makes noise when it moves to execute a project.

And when it goes by my specified distance it makes no noise.

I’m using the X-Controller. grbl 1.1

Maybe you can help

Thanks in advance

I dont hear any “wrong” sounds, only difference in speed.
What microstep settings do you have for X and Y?

microstep settings are recommended by the manufacturer. I’ll do a video below to try to suppress other sounds.

The change in speed slightly changes the noise :frowning:

That sounded normal to me too. The motors change " notes" when they go different speeds.

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That’s great … :slight_smile: I also played moonlight sonata :slight_smile: But I notice the sound has changed. More like rachmaninov :slight_smile:

What is the settings recommended?
Is that the actual setting that is selected?
What values are GRBL parameter $100, $101 and $102?

I found. See you tomorrow I can’t remember. I was thinking of step switch settings

$100 26.650
$101 26.650
$102 195.00

Those values for $100 and $101 indicate you have a low level of microstep, perhaps 1/2step (guessing as I dont know your travel / stepper revolution)

I would increase the micro step level by one step (if it is 1/2 then select 1/4, if its 1/4 select to 1/8) and double the values for $100/$101.
This should give you a smoother machine, especially noticable when it runs at slow feed rates / accelerating or braking.

Here are the x controller settings if that’s what the OP has:


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thank you very much. I really want it to be better so maybe you would prefer setting what it should be?

Assuming your mechanic is the same as Xcarve.

Yes, I have an x ​​carve. x carve controller used. As I remember the positions of the microstepping switches are pretty much the same as in this picture…

Default values for the Xcarve $100 / $101 is 40, but you have 26.650.
Do you get 500mm travel on a 500mm jog command?

My new cnc is 1570mm and so I had $ 100 and $ 101 for 26,650

Yes, and a 500mm jog command = 500mm travel correct?

Yes it is correct

I believe the noise you hear is simply an artifact of “coarse” step and running at slower speeds.

I would “double” the microstep setting for X and Y, double step/mm values for X and Y and see if you detect any difference.

thanks. I’ll try to double down to see what the results will be