X axis and Y axis stepper motor made a strange nois

$100,101, and 102 are how many steps the motor takes to move 1 mm of travel. That is what you set to go a defined distance. If you are using the standard belt that came with the x carve, I would set the controller settings as the x controller says and calculate what you need to achieve the accuracy you need for moving an inch or CM. The length of your Y axis doesn’t impact this number. If you measure with an accurate scale, it’s not too hard to do. $131 would have to be adjusted for a longer extrusion. I’ve been doing this a lot lately.

This is what each of those things do in $$. I printed it out and have it next to me when you are making adjustments to the software.

Here are some default settings:

thank you very much. When I provide the much needed information, I will have to learn from beginning to end.

My first CNC was an X carve 500mm and I never had any problems
I recently built a large CNC “Workbee” but since I like “inventables” products, I have imported an x ​​controller into this large CNC.

I had a little trouble calibrating it. And accordingly problems arose.

I use belts “Gates 2061-3MGT-06 PowerGrip GT3 Synchronous Belt 9400-3687”

Because of this I needed changes to Grbl

Thanks for the attention again