X-axis belt broke

There was something not right with the X-Axis, it did loose small steps now and then, so I went in to try and fix it and this happened…

Now, how to get some new belting? I bought my X-Carve from RoboSavvy.

Inventables sells it…The stock system uses the 6mm version. Here is the link:

Thanks, I contacted Robosavvy to see if they have some. They are the official European reseller after all. If they don’t, I 'll have to go to inventables directly.

Anyway, I found the problem, Both the set screws in the pulley on the X-axis motor where loose. so the pulley got out of line and had a bit of wiggle room, explaining the (small) offset I got on the X-axis. Also it managed to kill the belt.

My X-carve is running on a 500mm X-axis instead of 800mm for now, until I can get my hands on some new belting. At least it’s not dead until then, lot’s of work to do.


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When you get your belt replaced, make sure that your pulleys/idlers are lined up properly, that seems to be the main cause of this problem.

[edit] As you clearly saw for yourself :slight_smile:

I went through a couple broken belts on my machine. The first time inventables replaced the belt. The second time i realized it broke because of pulley misalignment. Inventables offered to replace it but i declined since it wasnt their fault. Thought it was nice of them to offer though

I bought belts off amazon and they were pretty cheap. I bought way more then i needed. I have enough for 3 or 4 machines lol


I always buy extra parts when I’m replacing something - if I managed to break something once, I promise I will manage to break it again!

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I bought a six meter length of cable off of amazon also…haven’t needed it yet, but just to be safe.

Kudos to you sir, :thumbsup: many folks may have taken advantage of Inventable’s generosity. Your actions show that it needs, and does, go both ways.

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Ouch @TomCroonenberghs

If you get no joy from RoboSavvy search for “GT2 Belt” on ebay.co.uk, plenty there but make sure you get the right width.



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thanks, yeah i just didnt feel right since it was totally my fault