X-axis carriage wobble

Trying to properly tune the X-Carve since I need accurate cuts, I’m fairly new to this so I apologize in advance if I did/do something stupid.

A couple of my basic/simple cuts have been okay, except I’ve noticed that the X-axis carriage itself wobbles around the x-axis. I tried playing with all of the v-wheels on all axes to see if it needs a right spot but no dice.

When the router is in, it will wobble even more up and down in the z direction, moves about 1cm - 1/2in. I’m not sure what to do to try and fix this, already tried tightening/loosening the wheels/nuts. Tried searching this problem but didn’t find much.

Edit: Just wanted to add that when I tried aluminum at a slow feed, the whole bit and spindle shifts in the x and z axis when cutting in -y direction, should be using a slower speed but I think that says a little about the carriage wobble.

Thanks! Will give it a try and update on what happens.

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Just an update, everything is working perfectly fine now thanks to Phil. Just needed to loosen all top wheels and tighten them separately then I played with the bottom wheels and eccentric nuts. All works great, thanks again.

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Can you tell me how you rectified this problem. I am having a hell of a time trying to get this adjusted. Lines are wavy. Tightened belts, wheels and now the spindle carriage is loose and wobbles and can not get it to tighten.

Show us a photo of your problem.

I did notice my router plate is a bit loose on the track, as well and can’t get that thing not to wiggle. I did the z probe and just watched it wiggle as it lowered. I will attach a video of it as well.

I am a bit of a newbie still , took the spindle Mount apart and checked wheels, adjusted bolts, etc and still like video.


In your video it looks like the eccentric nuts were swapped out for a nyloc and washer…

(EDIT: After watching back your video again in HD, I can see that the eccentric nuts are there, but they are not rotated into the tightest direction, so jsut rotate them and that should resolve your issue)

The eccentric nuts can be adjusted to bring the v wheels into the proper location to allow appropriate movement without being too tight or too loose…

Thank you Seth I will give that a try when I go back out to the workspace. I appreciate the detailed, quick response.
So just want to clarify because I have been adjusting all the V-Wheels throughout my machine (less than a year old btw), they should be tight enough not to be able to turn with one finger, but two I read somewhere.
Is there a general rule of thumb for that? I almost wonder if I made some too tight on the x and y.

I make them just to they barely don’t spin freely