X axis chatter / resistance

Tried another carve. There seems to be a bit of resistance when moving left to right alone the x-axis. I’m using a Dewalt on setting 1, 1/4" bit and cutting MDF using the Easel settings.

I don’t have any kind of enclosure and to be honest this makes me really nervous to use the machine b/c I’m afraid a bit will break and fly off.


1066mm/min & 1.6mm are the standard Easel settings.
How could I calibrate those?

I honestly wouldn’t know what to change the rates to at this point. I’m new to CNC and I thought the value of Easel was that it came with pre-set IPM & DoC. I don’t know how to read the machine to know how to change those, ex. If X happens during cuttings then I should change Y by Z amount. :confused:

Awesome. Thank you! I’ve had the Dewalt on 1 or 2 this whole time and have really been getting dust. I’ll adjust according to your instructions in the next few days and report back. (I’m trying to get into cutting aluminum for some projects, but don’t want to go anywhere near that until I understand Feeds and Speeds better).

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Hey Phil, got a follow up question-- so I calibrated the potentiometers, which helped a great deal. I carved an octagon on the machine using a 1/8" 2F upspiral bit. Used the default settings for soft maple. 711mm/minute & 0.7mm depth.

When moving north west the cutting got significantly louder. Is that normal? I adjusted the feed to 600 mm / minute b/c I thought it may have been moving too fast. Loud again, but couldn’t tell if it was better or worse. Any ideas on why only certain parts of the carve with be louder?