X-Axis Chatter while jogging

Hey guys,

I’ve developed a decent amount of chatter on my X-Axis, even while just jogging the machine around. Is this just a inherent flaw of the X-Carve and longer 1000mm rails, or is it something I should be able to fix?

I’ve tensioned my belts well (hopefully not too tight), and have my V-wheels right, but able to spin freely if I try and spin them by hand, with a decent amount of pressure/push.

Mine does it too during certain carves. It was doing it last night. It could be due to feed rate or bit size, too. I think it’s because it hangs out from the gantry and not directly below it, there’s flexibility.

But does yours do it while just jogging the machine around, not even cutting anything?

It does not, no. Belt might be too tight then.

Ok, you think to much tension on the X-Axis belt, could be doing it?

Very possible. Too much tension will make the stepper motor skip. Had the same issue with my first X-carve.

I would also double check your v wheels, one could be too tight, have a flat spot, or some other issue.
Try moving it slowly by hand when off and see if that helps to locate the problem.

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