X Axis Coming Up Short

Hi Fellow XCarvers and Carvettes,

I use Easel and have a X Carve 1000x1000mm and I am having a issue that many people are trying to help me with this and honestly, we are all at a stand still for what is causing my X axis to only move so far towards the Y2 axis before it stops and will move no further, not even reaching completely to the other Y2 side; so far, all the wires have been checked, GBRL settings and X, Y, and Z have been calibrated, rails have been checked, al esV wheels have been checked, motor are not running hot, belts are tensioned as well…I am not even able to surface my waste board, because the X axis only goes so far towards the Y2 axis.

@SethHoopes and other users have also assisted, and honestly, I just don’t have anything else that I can come up with to check. What are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Can you show a picture of where it stops?


You can see the area of movement down towards the front of the machine, where I tried to surface the board and where it stopped.
All the parts, minus the wasteboard are all brandnew parts, I havent even been able to do a project on it yet for this very reason.

Well I do not see anything obvious.
Can you manually jog further?

Just by chance could you have it set up for a 500mm or 750mm machine?

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@WayneHall It is set up as a X Carve 1000mmx1000mm. Should the work area say 1,000 mm by 1,000 mm or 750 mm by 750 mm?

At 750 the x probably won’t go over to the right far enough. I would check and see what the diminsions you put in for the 1000mm.

@WayneHall I am putting in the 1000mm x 1000 mm right now.
I will check it and see if it runs correctly…be right back…

@WayneHall I set the work area to 1000 mm x 1000 mm.

However the $131 and $132 are both set at 750.000; should I change them to 900.000?

Does it stop short in the y axes if you send it to the back?

@WayneHall I have just uninstalled the machine. Start over…please help me as I do this…

Set up new machine…
I entered x carve pre nov 2021
For motion controller I selected x controller
Rail size, I chose 1000x1000mm
Z axis I chose the direct drive
For the spindle I have the dewalt 611
Belts are 9mm

It has been several years since i set mine up but will help if i can and maybe someone will chime in and help out.

@WayneHall I cant setup the machine now because nothing will move…ugh

You need to go up to machine and use set up a new machine.

@WayneHall Well, I am having a problem at the moment…Power is on the machine green light is on the xcontroller and nothing is working. Not sure what just happened. I uninstalled the machine and then went to install it and jog the xy and z and nothing is moving.

If you uninstalled it you will need to reinstall it to be able to use it.

@WayneHall I understand that, but I can’t reinstall it when the motors wont jog…

Power is on to everything, but everything just stopped working.

If i remember right you do not need to move anything until it is installed and you run the test to make sure the jog the right direction.

@WayneHall That is where I am at, and nothing works. Give me a moment.