X axis going way over to the right

Seems like whenever I put a project in. for some reason the X axis with swing way over to the right and bottom out. yesterday it worked perfect. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you. machine is not even a month old…

Can you share your project here so we can take a look. Maybe you have something over there it is trying to carve?

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Welcome to the forum:)

There can be many things that cause such behaviourm we really need more data to be better at suggesting how to fix it.


  • Do you use Easel only or have you imported the project from a different program?
    If Easel only, share file if possible to we can see what you want to do (Click Share/SharePublicly, copy URL and hit “Save”, paste URL here.
  • In Easel, do the machine jog in the correct directions and distances?
  • Do you have homing enabled (homing switches)
  • Where - and how- do you set your work zero?

Lets start with that and see where it leads us :slight_smile:

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You didnt click Save before closing the URL window, your project isnt showing.

I will try again

https://easel.inventables.com/projects/6fl6rMy6UImaIjE4bJBqEQ did it work this time

  • Where - and how- do you set your work zero?
    Describe your Easel work flow.

Just like they tell you to in the left hand corner of the piece. Im pretty new at this .

I think you need to draw it up again. You have something in the simulation way over to the right side but i can not see it. You can see the router going over there. Try drawing it up again in a new file.

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I can put a piece of wood into it 2 inches longer and that has no problem cutting, I will re do it. Thank you

Wayne nailed it, its the design.
Open the project and click CTRL+A and all objects will be selected. Its easy to spot then.

You can delete it by simply selecting it and hit Delete.

The x is 27 inches long

and 12 inches on the y

so in other words like you say do a new file, then do my letters smaller?

Whatever is over to the right i never got to it in the simulation so i am not sure you can get ahold of it to delete it.

No, simply zoom out a little and click on the top shape seen in my screenshot earlier. Then click on the top grey shape that extend out far right, and hit Delete button.

Then carve as you would normally. It simulate as expected / intended here on my end.

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Thank you for all of your help