X-Axis got smoked

Ok so I heard a pop. Smelled that dreaded electrical smoke smell. Now the X-Carve will no longer move along the X-Axis. It moves as expected along both Y and Z. All cabling is good.

I have isolated the issue to the X-Axis terminal block on the X-Controller but I haven’t actually opened the controller yet to troubleshoot further.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do next? I hope the answer isn’t going to be “replace the X-Controller”. Thanks!

unplug Z axis harness from stepper and switch it with x axis to trouble shoot steppers.
after switch if x axis has movement with Z up and down . if you have movement ? X controller has bad chip. check warranty with inventables .

good luck

Thanks, Ken. Yeah, I did that early on. I pulled the controller apart and found a blown stepper motor IC.