X-Axis Hula Dance

Spring is here and I lift the dust cover off my X-Carve and attempt to get re-familiarized:

Z-axis motors work fine; spindle goes up and down
Y-axis motors work fine; spindle goes back and forward
X-axis motors not fine; hit the left arrow in Easel and spindle goes left then right; hit right arrow and spindle goes right then left. Shimmy, shimmy, shake.

Everything worked fine last fall. Nothing has changed since then on the machine. No wires appear to be loose.


Sounds like a loose wire for the X-Axis stepper motor.

When you hit the left arrow, how far left does it go? After you release the left arrow button, how far does it move right? Are we talking 2 inches, 2 inches? Or 2 inches, 1/16"? Or 1/16", 1/16"? Each of these cases suggests very different failure situations.

Check to make sure that the Gshield is seated well in the Arduino. That might solve your problem…

If I hit either the left or right button it travels what I would say was the ‘normal’ distance in the appropriate direction (based on which button is pushed) and then back in the other direction the same distance.

I’ll double check connections/tighten things down. Thanks!

Huh. Well, that is something. Bizarre. Let us know about the connections. I’m at a loss at the moment.