X axis is .030" off, can't figure out why!

I’ve got the 1000 x 1000 frame, the older version before Inventables came out with the upgraded x-axis and motion controller. I am doing some test carves of 1" x 1" squares in aluminum .010" deep @ 3 ipm, and my x axis is off by 30 thou, but my y axis is just fine, 5 thou or less. Any tips on getting this resolved? I’m trying to make some decently precise cuts.

Things I’ve checked so far:
-Feeds/speeds aren’t too fast
-Belt tension is fine
-Set screw isn’t loose

Thanks for any help you want to give!

Seems like your X provide more “give” under load as I assume steps/mm for X&Y are the same?

I run a similar machine (in terms of power and precision) and I cut aluminium at 50-70ipm with a 1/8" bit
Depth per pass range from 0.003-0.012" and spindle rpm @10k.

Thanks for that suggestion and the video link. I didn’t even realize this was an option. I’m going to give this a go now and see if I can improve my cuts! Thanks

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