X axis- just vibrating rather than spindle turning


My x axis failed mid carve. When testing it it just buzzes like a cell phone on vibrate. I replaced the motor but it does exactly the same thing. Replaced the g shield but same story. Could it be the aduino?

Any help suggestions greatly appreciated.


Your chain between signal and motion are:
Arduino / Gshield / Motor driver (Pololu 4988 or similar)
You say you changed Gshield, did you mean motor driver or are you using the same motor driver?

What happen if you try to operate X-axis from Y or Z motor driver?

Thanks for the replying. Embarrassingly I found a loose wire in the crimp feeding into the terminal blocks for the x axis on the gantry. It was not obvious as it seems that the actual wire had snapped off but the sleeve had stayed fast. I bared some more wire and put it back in and all is fine.

Sorry for being a dullard.

Thanks again though,