X Axis Limit Switch not working

I just setup my new machine and am testing the limit switches going through the homing sequence. All my switches work but the X axis. I called customer support and they sent me a new switch, which is currently installed and same issue.

When the X axis goes to left to trigger the switch it hits the spacer and doesn’t want to stop. I have double checked wiring and x controller box, everything seems to be wired up fine.

Any suggestions?

Do this, connect your Y axis switch to your X axis input to the Xcontrolled and then, using the new Easel Machine Inspector, hit the Y axis switch manually and see if it changes in the machine inspector. If it doesn’t, then open the Xcontroller, take out the ribbon cable between the main interface board and the power supply board and reconnect both sides, ensuring that it is fully seated. The cable latches will close before the connector is fully seated.

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Do you have the ability to check continuity? Then you can confirm that its the switch, and not the wiring or hardware.
Then check the wire continuity. Then you can manually jump the the contacts and see the results.

I had a similar, mine was working and then I had a unusal crash and slightly bent the microswitches and then adjusted the pull off to 3mm just for testing and solved my issue as per @PhilJohnson advised

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That’s strange. Cuz the homing should fail if the the switch remains depressed.


If the switch is good, then it is most likely a wiring issue. Could be the cables not seated in the X-controller.

This would be a good test to verify that the Atmega328P is seeing the switch closure.

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And given the history of the ribbon cable giving problems…could point to it.

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I was getting a error reading in the advanced machine inspector, when driving 1mm off it wasn’t enough but prior it was, which was strange

Did you get it to work because mine is doing the same thing !!

What does that mean, “increase the 1mm pull off to 1.5mm”? We are having strange issues with an initial setup of our X-Carve over the last couple days, and after testing with a multimeter for conductivity, it’s oddly not giving us consistent readings on all three limit switches. Seems there is sometimes some connectivity at times even when the switch is not pressed.

OK, now that we skipped the check of the limit switches in the setup, and are looking at the web interface, we see what this setting is and how to change it. But we still are running into this strange situation with none of the limit switches working it seems. We’ve confirmed the soldering is solid and clean, all the wiring runs are correct on the switches. Ideas?

Which port on the switch did you connect to? The NC or NO port?

And the GRBL parameter that control the pull-off is $27
Default is $27=1, change it to $27=3 or whatever and try again.