X-Axis makes terrible noise

Hello, since 2 days I‘m a owner of a x-carve. I bought from a closed Company.

Please hear the Sound of the right y axis Motor… what‘s the Problem?

Sorry for bad school-english…


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I don’t hear anything abnormal.
That is common. I assume that noise is when both X and Y are moving in an arc or circle.
As the rate of motion changes so does the tone.

The V wheel is not turning when you’re bringing it forward, you may need to tighten up your eccentric nuts. I agree with Mark that the music playing is normal, but towards the middle and end it sounds like a grinding noise but I cant tell if that’s just the increase in volume.

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Make sure the X-Axis is square prior to turning on the machine. Normally what I do prior to turning on the controller is that I have my X-Axis all the way to the back of the machine and push it against the stops on both sides. While holding it there, I then turn the machine one and the motor drivers engage the motors with the normal holding torque. As long as the machine is square to begin with, this will ensure that the machine starts of square, and unless you lose step, the machine will remain square.


Brandon Parker

Thanks for fast help. The sound will only come when x and y-axis are moving together. I will make a complete new setup with v-wheels and belts.

I´ve seen that the cables are a little bit different from the inventables manual. is this ok?

So do I.

I think I hear a metal vibration after the musical notes. I have it when I home my machine. It sounds like a loose nut or bolt or something similar.