X-Axis Missing steps in middle of waste board

Having issues with missing steps on X-Axis towards the center of my waste board.

If I cut towards bottom left of the board I can finish project without missed steps. I have the 3/16 bar mod to stiffen the X axis which helped the chatter, but now its just randomly missing steps instead of chattering to miss steps. Iv played with belts, V-wheels, adjusted pots, but I continue to randomly miss steps as I get out in the middle of the work area.

Any suggestions? I’m cutting 1/4 birch ply, 30 inch/min, .125 per pass, single flute 1/8 inch straight bit. Dewalt RPM setting on number 2.

From what I have read on this forum, your depth of cut (DOC) and RPM setting may be off a bit. Try reducing the DeWalt speed to 1 and reduce the DOC to .0625 or less and use multiple passes.