X axis motor malfunction

How old is your pc?

Scratch that I’m still thinking. Computer reboot or Arduino?

Thinking with all of the issues you have been having it’s the USB header going out on your pc , I see them bitecthe dust all the time like anything pc’s do wear out…

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Phil, you can get a cheap windows 10 box and use that for your X-carve and use remote desktop to access it from your main Windows 10 machine.

Please disregard.
I hate Windows 10 so much I really had to force myself to even type it in this post.

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I just bought a new really nice laptop that I didn’t need, because it is getting harder to order with Windows 7 Pro and I wanted to update my system before the only thing available was Windows 10.

Don’t want to start an OS war here. This is a personal preference.

Bob, it has more to do with the backstory than the actual function of the product. Microsoft is taking away the ability of the user to control their machine. I have only played with the Home version which is extremely restrictive in that respect, however, even the Pro version is rumored to be overly restrictive in the choices the user can make.

Just one example, I was doing a test run on my X-carve and when I was about half way through Windows 10 chose to do an update that took seven hours. For the Home edition you cannot turn that off. You can trick it into not doing the update by telling the OS that you have a metered internet connection or just disconnecting from the internet. I would like to have my computer do what I want it to do, not what Microsoft wants it to do.

Most of my issues are concerning things like that and not knowing what other things the OS is doing without telling me.

I could go on but I’m clogging up Phil’s thread.

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Just a cheap tablet or stand alone all in one. I have one I’m testing, but haven’t given it a good test yet. It was about $150. The screen is too small to use without an external monitor or without something like remote desktop.

You should see UCGS on it. The characters are so small I almost need a magnifying glass to read them. PicSender is a little more usable on it with a touch screen, but still not ideal.

I had hoped to use it stand alone, but the graphics and touch screen are just too small.

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So, let me tell what I think about USB communication on Windows.
This was happened almost half of Kiosk Picture Makers We service.
Windows USB port assignement was changing behavior randomly every morning. We start running like a hell store to store.
After week long resources we figured out one of the USB connected device was greeting card Duplex Laser printer was causing the problem because that printer’s paper selection/duplexing unit was driving by Arduino. Her is what we did;

  1. We put couple of simple .jpg images to USB thumb drive and inserted to problem causing USB port.
  2. Disconnected all other USB connections except that port.
  3. Turn on PC to assign drive letter for that port automatically.
  4. After reboot completed, powered down PC, remove Thumb drive and insert Duplex printers cable, connected all other printers and turn the PC on again.

Problem has been solved permenantly forever.
Only several PCs return back with this problem, we just used different port and go over same prosedure again, done.

What I suggest is if you have USB port read/write problem, try this for drive letter assignment for that port.
According to Microsoft Support desk, this is not a new problem, this was same on every version of Windows after WindowsXP.

If make sense.

You don’t need those, just turn PC on and wait for device manager asigns it self.

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