X-axis motor not moving smooth on setup

I’m having an issue with the X-axis motor not running smoothly.
I just finished building the X-carve 1000mm and when setting up the machine, I check the movement of the motors.

Both Y and Z axis work smoothly but the Carriage hardly moves over the X-axis. I’ve tried to adjust the current on the motor shield running to the machine, but with no succes.

When the power is not plugged in the carriage moves smoothly over the x axis. I’ve loosened the wheels underneath to release all pressure but with no affect to speak of.

Any ideas welcome,


Thank you for the swift reply. I’ve checked the connections and everything is fine.
Next I changed the wires from X to Y on the gshield and the carriage moves smoothly then.

So I guess it’s something on the gshield? Any folow up things I can do?

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Double check that the G Shield is properly seated on the main board. It may take a couple of tries to get it pressed down properly.

I’ve checked, double checked and triple checked and everything is seated as supposed to on the main board, but nothing changes in the behaviour.
It is definitely not the motor nor the wiring. Either the gshield is bust or there is some other problem I don’t know how to fix.

Any other suggestions here?

Thanks in advance,


Customer Support :slight_smile:

I also did that Robert