X axis motor problem(hot when it started to act up)

I just installed nema 23 motors a while back and everything has been fine till last night that my x axis started to jerk and now completely will not want to move. When I checked the wiring to see if something was loose, everything was fine. The pots are set in the middle and everything else looks fine with the controller(arduino board/driver board) other then the motor being super hot when it started to act up that I’m thinking it’s fryed. Has anyone had any problem like this before or is it something with the board also?

Also to add the y and z axis work fine just x axis is the one that is acting up

You were right. Did you buy them from Inventables? Are they covered under warranty?
What is Inventables warranty on the xcarve?

Edit: Just found it.
Because the X-Carve machines are sold as kits and require user assembly we are unable to offer formal service plans or warranties. However, if you run into any problems during kit assembly or machine use you can get assistance by contacting us.

That’s a bummer

Yeah once I took it apart I could smell the plastic and burned smell coming from it. It’s from a eBay seller and I think I just ran it a lot and mostly hardwoods and could of had problems from the start. It was about 34 for 3 of them so I’m not too mad about getting a single one to replace this one and also have nema 17’s to switch out if I have any thing that needs to be done that’s simple. I hooked up the old nema 17 and it worked so found out the 23 was toast.

If you have the X-controller it is capable of supplying more current than many NEMA 23s can handle without damage.

Might want to check your current limit settings and the rating on your motors.

No x controller it’s a first generation x carve that someone built with a kit that I brought

Yeah I found a company in Illinois that they are about 29 or so with shipping. Should be here this week and is already here in Michigan since I ordered it. Won’t take long to rewire and get back to the projects.