X axis motor stop for few seconds mid job

Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english.
Gcode is working fine in first few run but later while running the same gcode, x axis motor stops for few second. I am using Arduino with grbl shield v3.5. I am using grbl controller 3.5 for sending gcode.
(I am newbie to electronics) Kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.

I check the same twice, found no issue, is there any heating issue of drivers?( At morning I ran the same gcode thrice found no issue as I added a big fan replacing the little one on grbl shield), I am using DRV8825 and NEMA23 Stepper motor. Kindly find the attach datasheet and please suggest me the correct VREF for motor drivers, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Driver Description:-
Operating Voltage (logic) 3-5.25V
Operating Voltage (vmot) 12-24V
Max current 2.5A

In the real world the 8825 can only deliver about 1.5A per phase without additional cooling.

Your stepper motors are spec’d at 2.8A per phase so they can draw more power than your driver can supply depending on the current limit set on your stepper driver board.

Thanks a lot, I will check.

Thanks for reply.