X axis motor

My X axis motor is playing up, I have loosened the belt to see it the motor would jog and it won’t move, just judder’s, has the motor packed up, do these motors pack up easily, if so I better get some spares

Motor can fail for sure but then again they should take quite a beating.
Have you tried hooking that motor up to a different axis iin order to rule out motor/motor driver?

Thank’s for the reply, I have just swapped the X motor with the Y and it’s still the same, Y axis is fine, so it does not seem to be the motor, I am not sure what to try next

Check your wiring, something may have come loose from vibration this will cause this as well.

I tried a reboot which did not work and then checked all the wiring and tightened all connections and that has worked , I was using a jigsaw underneath the table this moning and there was a lot of vibration from that, so that must have caused it, so thank you all for your help


Yes Phil, it was in the barrier strip, I will fix spade connectors to all wires now, thank’s

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