X Axis Movement Failure

Hey y’all, my machine isn’t moving alone the x-axis. I checked everything-- tightened the belts, adjusted the v-wheels, and the wiring is fine because the motor moves but the x carriage just stays in place. When I tell it to move it just shimmies in place. Any ideas why this would happen? (I just finished a carve without any problems and then it stopped functioning.)

Is the X stepper pulley turning or is it just slipping on the shaft?

Looks like it’s pulling. The belt is tight enough that it doesn’t look like it’s slipping. When I move the carriage by hand the belt and pulley move along just fine.

As long as the shaft and pulley are turning together. If you move the gantry the pulley will turn just fine but that doesn’t mean that the motor is turning with it. You probably checked already. Just relaying the obvious.

I would triple check the set screw on your motor pulley.

Using a marking pen, put a line across the pulley face and motor shaft to more clearly see if it is slipping.
If the pulley is slipping you could try using a file to put a small flat on the motor shaft for the grub screw to land on, A bit of blue loc-tite would not be a bad idea either.

I checked again, it was slipping but the set screws are as tight as they can get. Tbh, this is incredibly frustrating. I’ve only done four small carves and it’s already having this really basic problem? Why would it slip? How can I prevent this in the future considering the screws are on their tightly?

I would inspect the v-wheels make sure they are not binding. Possibly kick up the potentiometer a bit on the X axis

You can take the pulley off, file the shaft a little so setscrew can hold on flat surface. Also suggest using locktite or similar.