X Axis moves in BOTH directions

Hi, I’m using an X Controller to run an R7 machine. It has been working perfectly for weeks but all of the sudden the X axis will move left when told to go left, then randomly left or right when told to go right. No wiring or GRBL settings have been changed, connections checked and seem to be ok. Any ideas?

I would swap wiring between X and Y to see if this stays with the stepper or the axis.

Just guessing, you might have a blown transistor in the H bridge that drives your X.

Loose stepper wire. Check the wiring even if you haven’t touched it. Machines can vibrate that stuff loose.

If direction of rotation is random you have one of the four wires that doesn’t conduct. Check your wires.
The stepper have four wires, with only three in operation movement will be as usual but direction will be random. (No direction detection)

Thanks all. I had checked connections pretty thoroughly, but loosening and re-tightening fixed the problem, thanks!