X-axis moving like molasses in January

The x-axis started to move slower than molasses in January on my x-carve 1000. It worked fine earlier in the day. When you jog it you can hear the motor but you have to really, really look hard to see it move. The Y and Z axis’s work fine. All three axis’s are set at 0.10 jog distance. I unplugged the motor and plugged it back in and checked all connections on the x-controller.

what are the grbl settings ? Specifically $100, $110, & $120 ?

Seth, I will let you know in the morning what those settings are. Also thank for the answer on why only a few holes where being routed.

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Found the answer. The $110 was set to 40. I put it back up to 8000.000 per the default settings and it is back to working.

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