X axis Nema 23 stopped Working

Good Evening

I have come in to use my x-carve and found the x axis motor non-responsive. Took it off an placed it into the yaxis cabling, homed with the rest, so suspect possible damage inside my ardunio/g-shield combo.

Is there someone that can look inside my ardunio/g-shield combo through the internet?


Can you describe what you did in a little more detail?
Once we know what steps were taken to troubleshoot the issue we can help a bit better.

Hi, I had not used the cnc for some time, say 3 weeks and then came in to use it and found the x-axis wasn’t homing with the rest, ie not moving at all. Presumed it to be a motor that has failed and removed from the structure. I then decided the easiest way to test that the motor had failed was to wire it into one of the y axis positions, which I did. Removed the y motor from the cheeseboard and wired in the loose motor from the x-axis. Homed again and this motor I presumed to be broken moved as if it was the y motor, so not broken. I then turned my attention to the wiring on the gshield, ensuring that all was wired correctly. All was secured. I then decided to write on this page and ask for advice. I was hoping that someone could access my ardunio/gshield computer and find a fault

Can you skip homing and try moving it anyway?
I’m suspecting a limit switch wiring issue/short.

And as always POST GRBL OUTPUT.

I went to the setup part of easel and got to the part where we test the motors, all the other motors worked but the x-axis motor

Hmmmm. Check the power out put mayb. Could be damaged.