X axis noise

Hello All!

New guy here, just got my Xcarve setup last week and on my 3rd go round I’ve noticed when traveling along the X axis mainly, regardless of feed speed, rpm, bit ect the router makes this terrible racket. I’ve retightened all belts, re adjusted all roller wheels, recalibrated, checked for alignment. Cannot find what’s causing it at all, It doesn’t make any noise when traveling in any direction with the router off its flawless. Any ideas?

xcarve (510.4 KB)

Video will help. Hard to guess otherwise.

Deleted - irrelevant info withdrawn :wink:

I attached a recording of the router making the noise. The steppers move flawlessly with or without the router running, I’m almost certain its the router making the noise. Ive attached a video if it happening tho not as pronounced in the video, the recording is clearer

Cutter noise is often louder than the router itself. Whats called “chatter” can compound on it aswell.

I hear nothing wrong here IMHO :slight_smile:

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Here is another video with it more obvious, I also attached another video of turning the router on and off, to me it just sounds very rough compared to my other routers.

Bad bearing sound to me.

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After checking everything over again, I pulled the router and checked the shaft, it is indeed a bad bearing in the router. Kinda crappy Ive only had my x carve for a couple of weeks but not inventables fault by any measure, just a bad router. Ive contacted support to see what can be done.