X Axis Not Moving Smoothly

I am having an issue with my x axis not consistently traveling smoothly. I was calibrating it this morning after adjusting the pots a couple days ago and now I am intermittently getting issues. It sounds almost like it is not getting enough power, when I was setting the pots I left it on the higher end of the recommended power level and then let it run for five minutes just back and forth no issues.

Then this morning when I turned on the machine I sent a gcode to travel 300mm and it went 295mm and made a sound like it was losing steps, I then sent it back 300mm no issue, back the other way and it went 310mm instead of 300mm. I am not sure what is going on now. I adjusted the pot and wasn’t having any issue with consistency.

I brushed off the vwheels with my shop brush to make sure there wasn’t any dust/dirt built up, but it didn’t seem to change anything.

Any Suggestions would be great.

Checked the set screws on the pulley? Could the pulley be slipping on the motor axle?

I can definitely check that, I just don’t understand how that would allow it to go extra distance, not just less distance.