X axis not moving

I’m a brand new x carve owner and just finished building it. During the machine set up step all seems to be working except for the X axis does not move. The spindle on the motor tightens up similar to when you connect the green and black wires, but does not move when I try to move it with Easel in the machine set up phase.
Here is what I have checked so far to troubleshoot…

-Checked to make sure sure wiring is correct and it was
-Checked continuity from the motor to the g-shield on all 4 wires and it was good
-I moved the stepper from the X axis to one of the Y axis and the motor works on the Y axis
-I took the motor that I removed from the Y axis and put it on the X axis and it again did not work
-I adjusted the pot for the X axis. Still doesn’t move

I see 3 green LED lights on the g-shield when I power it on for each axis. For the Y and Z axis the LED stays lit until I move it then goes out and only comes back on when I move the axis. On the X axis the green LED just stays lit and does nothing when I try to move it.

From what I have done so far I believe the problem lies in the g-shield but if anyone has any other troubleshooting suggestions I would appreciate it.

Your description fits with a bad driver chip for the X axis. Get in touch with Inventables support and tell them what you did.

Thanks Larry. I’ll contact support.

Got my new gshield and all is working now. Inventables customer service is outstanding!