X-Axis not parallel w wasteboard

I’ve noticed my Z cuts have been off, cutting deeper the farther to the right you go. Got a ruler out and determined that my X-axis maker slide is 2mm lower on the far right of the wasteboard compared to the left. I tried loosening the X-axis mount bolts to see if there was any give to adjust it up - alas there is none. Suggestions on how to re-parallel the X-axis maker slides with the wasteboard?

Make sure your Y axis mounts are all the either all the way up or down, there is some up and down play in the T-Slot Nuts, loosen one mount plate and push it up or down and re-tighten, now do the three the same way

Hope that makes sense

After you’ve done that, use a large bit to cut a shallow pocket into your wasteboard (or into a sacrificial secondary wasteboard) so you know it’s parallel in the X and Y axes.

Makes perfect sense - That was going to be my next place to look for wiggle room

I know you have found your solution by now. But I am going to throw this out there as well. incase others have need. Another solution to this is to machine your wasteboard. I tried adjusting the y Axis rails with no effect. So my only solution was to machine the cutting deck smooth. Not ideal, but it worked.