X axis not working

X axis not working. Was working before I switched to the new
x-control. Wiring looks OK

switch X & Y motors around and see what happens when you jog.

go from there

Switched motors, and x axis works. Where to now.

then i would assume your wiring is indeed ok and the problem is at the controller side. But I can’t really help you further than that since I personally don’t own an X controller. Maybe contact Inventables?

Good luck.

Thanks. I did go back through all the details on the controller and found a dip switch for the X motor set wrong from Inventable. You would think the dip switches would have been set correctly.

The x-carve is now up and running.

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While you are working on this it would be a good idea to go back into the X-controller and turn switch 4 off on all of the drivers.

What switch 4 controls is a reduction of torque on the motors when the motor is idle. The reason one might want this is that the motors draw less current when they are idle.

The reason you might not want reduced torque is that the motor will not hold the current position as well as it does with full torque. Usually this shows up in a position error when you are changing bits with a multi-bit project.

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