X axis off approximatly 1 in when detail carving

i created a heart and set the depth. I then typed my wife’s name in the heart. I did a rough cut using a 1/8 bit and set the detail with a 1/32 bit. ran the rough carve and it looked fine. however when I ran the detail carve the x axis was 1 inch to the right. the name did not have any depth. after changing bits I stepped through the carve setup, after setting the z probe the machine asked for x-y coordinates. I selected using previous x-y setting. when the x axis started carving it was 1 in to the right. any ideas

If the gantry moved during the bit change, you would see this.


Thanks for the help. I carved again trying to be careful to not move the gantry. but it extremely difficult to remove the bit when pressing the lock on the router. I still moved the gantry just a little bit and low and behold it did it again. got to figure out a better way of securing the gantry

just talked with Julie (who is just super) and she told me this. when changing bits on the right hand part of the screen is a lock motor and unlock motor button. she suggested I try to lock the motor when changing bits.

With the Xcontroller one have the ability to turn a function called IdleCurrentReduction ON / OFF, this is set by a dip switch on the controller board IIRC (I don’t have the Xcontroller). Turn this to OFF, otherwise an idle stepper only get 30% of its current. Also, GRBL parameter $1=255 tells the controller to keep full current ON for all steppers all the time.
This reduce the chance of bumping it out of position during tool change etc to a minimum.