X-Axis off by 1/8”

Hello all! I’m currently in the process of troubleshooting an error that my Xcarve 1000x1000 is having and I could definitely use some troubleshooting tips on this.

My current issue:

Troubleshooting list:
Tightened up screws all around the table.

Fixed the slack on the rubber belt for both sides made sure they were even and tight.

With a large level, I checked and made sure the table itself was at level.

What else should I be keeping an eye on?

I deeply appreciate the time and patience!

Welcome to the forums. Have you calibrated the machine so if you tell it to go 10" it goes 10"? I see you can tell it is not going the distance you think it should.

If everything is square, just pull the gantry so both sides of the X are against the front plates (or some exact spacer) when you power on the machine. The motors will hold it in alignment.
If they don’t, check your $1 setting and make sure it’s set to 255. Also check the number 4 dip switch and name sure that it’s off (X-controller).

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Paw Paws wood shop AKA Philip Lunsford has a good tutorial video on how to square your machine

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