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X Axis off path

Recently bought the November 2021 carve and am having an issue with the X-Axis.My first couple carves were off the path and looked stretched and come out a lot wider than the dimensions in Easel. It seems like its an issue with the conversation from easel to the machine. For example, when I jog the x-axis 1in, it moves 1.5in. The y-axis is working fine though and comes out exactly at 1in. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any ideas what could be wrong?

I’m having the same issues, My z axis is all screwed up. When I load a g-code, instead of cutting the depth I want it tries to bury my bit to the waste board. The depth is not right. I’ve checked my setting on the project and they are all correct. I also bought the November 2021 carve. it looks like I should’ve stuck with the old one

I was able to fix the issue by uninstalling my machine under the “edit machine” tab and then reinstalling. Not sure how or why that fixed it, but it did. Might be worth a shot.

What are your grbl settings… here are the standard machines, there are links to the differences for the new upgraded one… $102 would be your issue if z is moving more than it should be…

No luck, it’s all screwed up. I need someone from xcarve to call me and walk me through this.

i just purchased the november x carve and my x issue is my projects are all carving out of sqaure. i just did a border around a sign and on the right side im .25 inch off the edge of the material and on the left side im .5 inch off the side of the material. its making my projects look like there sitting on an angle. y axis is running straight. any suggestions anybody?

This is a result of how you’ve squared the frame and the gantry… physical assembly issue. You’ll need to loosen the frame measure and adjust until you get square movement