X axis off Y is fine

off 1/16th on this 9” piece & much more overall.

Its easier to pull on the left side than right but difficult to pull them both even by hand
It seems to be mechanical cuz this was off before the belts but none of my adjustments would work (squaring the rails & v wheels) but on the other hand im not the smartest.
I’ve been looking around & idk if it’s more indicative of the placement of the rails, the whole board underneath or the x axis rail itself that should be shimmed

Are you referring to relation of X to the grid?
For me and many others we hold the X square while turning the power on. While power is on it stays square.
Try that.

OH i did try that, but as soon as i let go it went back. and my cut ended up diagonal around 1/16" at 9 inches,
i’d deal if it was half of that
there’s some tension pulling it back on the right side

You may need to square your machine look up Phil Lunsfords video on it. Also if you have a limit switches installed on the left side may need adjust it back a hair. Did you measure from your end plate to the bracket on the rail on both sides?

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You may also wish to double check your belt tension on each side of the Y axis. As they wear, they can stretch, giving you the exact problem you have.

I could not find any video checking for Phil Lunsfords

Try Paw Paw’s workshop.

PawPaws workshop